Estate Planning Attorney

For more than 26 years, the Law Offices of Steven H. Peck Ltd., have been recognized by hundreds of Buffalo Grove, Illinois clients for their experience as trust lawyers and estate planning experts. Many of our clients have expressed that when they use our firm they feel they are talking to a trusted friend, not just to lawyers. We would not want it any other way.

We know all too well, that planning the estate and preparing for life’s eventualities is not only a legal process but an emotional process as well.

Our Buffalo Grove clients have come to understand that Steven H. Peck Ltd. is a firm that above all else, helps to create peace of mind. Proper planning allows all of us to live a much more worry-free life knowing that we have provided for ourselves and our loved ones in the years to come.

We assist Buffalo Grove, Illinois clients with all aspects of planning and administering their estates and with elder law and Medicaid planning. We provide the following services, and within each area we can handle any planning challenge, from the simplest to the most complex situation:

  • Estate Tax Avoidance
  • Legacy Planning
  • Charitable Gifting
  • Wealth Transfer Planning
  • Incapacity Planning Living Trusts
  • Asset Protection
  • Special Needs Planning
  • Pet Trusts

Estate Litigation Specialists

As trust lawyers and estate planning attorneys for Buffalo Grove, we often work with clients who may be facing estate litigation. Estate litigation may take on various aspects and is usually a function of a creditor going after the assets or family members contesting the validity of the will.

Invariably, estate litigation occurs at a time when families are at their most vulnerable and confused. We are experts at the interpretation of wills and we are extremely experienced in carrying out the wishes of the deceased and ensuring the best possible resolution to a difficult situation. We always look out for your interests and for the interests of your loved ones.

The Highest Ethical Standards, Built on a Foundation of Trust

We are proud members of the Illinois Forum of Estate Planning Attorneys; the Wealth Counsel, of wills and estate planning lawyers, serving their clients with estate planning advice and documentation and the Elder Counsel, an association of trust attorneys devoted to the practice of elder law and special needs planning. Over the years, our clients in Buffalo Grove have given us their trust; it is a high honor and a responsibility we never take for granted.

When Should I Begin Planning? Now!

This is not a surprising statement, but life is uncertain. We advise potential Buffalo Grove clients that it is never too soon to plan, but unfortunately, there comes a time when it is too late. An estate that has never been planned will often result in a catastrophe for the family. Please consider the Law Offices of Steven H. Peck Ltd. to plan your estate and to serve as your trust lawyer. You can schedule a free two-hour, no-obligation consultation. We are available to listen to your concerns, answer your questions and to discuss any matters related to your Buffalo Grove estate planning.